Match Report
Dollar Academy Boys-U15A vs  ESMS Erskine Stewart's Melville Schools
On: Friday, 21 Jun 2019
Venue: Away


After arriving late Dollar batted first against George Watsons. Jamie Walker was bowled early doors to be replaced by Wilfie Timney who batted very sensibly rotating the strike, finishing on 7 not out. At the other end Daniel Pearson started as he meant to go on – by the end of the ten overs bowled he had scored 97 not out – out of a total of 112; only an sos call could have saved the bowlers – his innings contained eight sixes and seven fours. Watsons replied well, helped by too many wides. Archie Jaffrey-Smith bowled his ‘leggies’ well, only going for tens runs off his two overs, impressing the Scotland Colts spin coach who was watching. The name of the game for Watsons was getting their big hitter back onto strike and whilst wickets continued to fall regularly the strong opposition went into the tenth and final over with 18 needed – Despite 6 byes and 2 more wides the Colts edged this very tight contest by 7 runs. T10 is exciting and great to watch! The game was played in good spirit by both sides – and it was nice to return to see this again.

Next up were Stewarts Melville on their big 1st XI pitch as the sun came out, where they met their waterloo – despite scoring 77 off their ten overs – the best bowling was by Jamie Walker – two overs, one for seven. Extras were much reduced, and the fielding performance showed what a good team spirit there was – one handed saves and excellent catching. The batting order was altered and Will Silcock opened up, scoring 34 off 29 balls – an excellent effort – really intelligent batting, nudging the accurate bowling to all corners of the ground. In contrast captain for the day Pearson started slowly with four singles in a row then took a chance and his time and waited until the eight over which went for 13 runs – leaving 21 needed off the last two overs, then 7 off the last six balls. Pearson finished with 39 runs not out off 26 balls. The last over, delivered from a skilful bowler and an excellent fielding team, went 3, 1, wicket – leaving the game finely poised with the Colts needing three runs off 3 balls – a single was scored off the 4th ball of the final over, then Daniels, calm personified, flicked a yorker off his toes past square leg for 2 to close out the game – the Colts scrap home, just, with one ball left. When all was said and done a team with good team spirit and well led can beat better skilled teams. This was a young team with five able to play again next season.

The third and final game was against Edinburgh Academy – the boys were getting ahead of themselves and assuming from previous scores that the game was already won before they had even started – never the best approach. Concentration in the field went and catches were missed, mis-fields abounded and the bowling was below par – perhaps having only ten players on the field was finally having an effect (five players were unavailable). Edinburgh batted very well to finish on 72 off their ten overs – with their number two bat scoring 42 unbeaten runs. The pick of the bowlers was Callum Porter with his two overs only going for seven runs – all singles – a fantastic effort considering the pressure was on bowling against two established batsmen.

With the winner of this game taking it all – the Colts reply was rocky – overconfidence was perhaps a factor. Could this be their waterloo? – Charlie Saunders came and went trying to go long too early over the inner cordon, Henry Daniels, looking in good nick, hit 15 quick runs ending unbeaten – but again Pearson started carefully with a couple of dot balls and singles, then it was hasta manana with 4, 4, 6, 4, 4, 4, 4, and a 2 – finishing with 43 not out off only 20 balls – a striking rate over 200 – super trouper! The total was achieved with several overs to go.

‘Thank you for the music’, the sandwiches and the sun to Stewarts Melville College and for hosting this excellent tournament again - four very well-matched teams all competing hard but fairly. Is there a direct correlation between the quality of the music on the way to a tournament and the result?

The season has been a bit like a rollercoaster ride – performances have varied, the make-up of the team has altered beyond all recognition with a dose of self-reflection on their own behaviour, some have found selection based on performance and not reputation a surprise, the excellent news is that some players have come back to the game this season. By the end of the short season things felt like they were in harmony, with a fine team spirit and excellent performances all around.

Looking forward several boys have put their hand up already for the 1st XI next season and several can certainly make the hyper jump with regular and effective winter nets and a summer of games. There are seven boys who have all contributed this term who can play all again next season – thank you for the music this year.