Match Report
Dollar Academy Form 2B vs  George Watson's College
On: Saturday, 20 Nov 2021
Venue: Away

This proved to be another 'tough day at the office' for the Form 2B's. A bit short of numbers due to a mix of illness and knocks, the boys took the field with 12 which was topped up by 4 volunteers from George Watsons Form 2B squad to make a 16 a side game involving everybody.

2 quick tries by our opponents demonstrated a need to tackle better and support our own ball carriers better. The boys took this message on and improved considerably as the half progressed. Watsons scored a couple more times but Dollar got one try before halftime (albeit scored by one of our Edinburgh recruits!).

After halftime the S2B's stuck to their task but could not make much inroad into a solid Watsons defence. Cameron Paskins, James Donaldson and Josh Holloway carried ball well; and, in defence, Oscar Midgely tackled made some great tackles.

This was a hard game but it shows what we need to work on and, despite the result, the boys have improved a lot since the start of term.